Lemon Bear Lolita

Medium: Digital Illustration

This was the second concept I put out related to my treat-themed lolita fashion series. Just like the first one, I enjoyed working on this piece. I felt like this one came out naturally, as I alright decided on the concept of lemon bears. The puffy afro pigtails work well, I feel, as subtle bear ears.

Memento Mori

Medium: Digital Painting

This piece started as a promotional piece for my Memento Mori Kickstarter launching in March. The animals are based on pin designs that I made previously. I pushed myself to make this a very detailed piece with a full background, something that I don’t often do and the result is something I’m quite proud of.


Medium: Ink

This was my first year participating in Inktober, a yearly, once-a-day challenge for artists to draw and complete pieces in ink for the length of October. This piece is my first one that I did, for day one, following a unofficial prompt made by Inartbee, Botanical Witches. The prompt for the day was belladonna lily, and I had the idea to start off simple and illustrate a witch with belladonna in her hat. I wanted to practice my values and work with contrast, and I think I did decently for my first Inktober.

The Gorgon

Medium: Digital

This is a Draw-This-In-Your-Style of Savannah Alexandra’s vintage gorgon. I chose to make her skin color a bit darker because I believe it went well with the hues that I chose. I especially loved doing the scales on each of the snakes, first adding highlights to each snake and going back and erasing the lines of the scales.

Witch Tools

Medium: Digital

This was the final piece I made for my first vending event. I wanted to switch to doing something original, because I already have a variety of fanart. I was inspired to do a breakdown of the equipment a witch might have, something that is quite personal to me.