About the Artist

Ever Wolfsbane,

prev. Ashley Bamgbala

I’m a multi-media artist and graphic designer, beginning my passion of art when I was very young. I’ve pursued art education at every opportunity I found, which has resulted in over a decade of experience with multiple mediums, including digital, watercolor, acrylic paint, ink, graphite, pastel, and more. 

Starting with elective classes in middle school, to completing two AP classes in highschool, and even attending Ringling Art and Design for a short time, I’ve now switched to self study and making my passion into a full-time career. My art has been shown at Insomnia Gallery in Houston, TX two times so far, with additional shows at different galleries and vending appearances upcoming in 2022.

I draw inspiration from the beauty of the natural world, the hardships of life, and several of my favorite pop culture depictions. Art and design is a lifestyle to me, as I have used it to cope with my mental illnesses, Bipolar I along with BPD, for many years. It’s taught me to lean into my creative side to solve a variety of problems.